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w.illi.am/ creates a virtual reality experience prototype for Thermador Canada

June 18, 2015


Thursday, June 18, 2015, Montreal – The digital experience agency, w.illi.am/, launched its first virtual reality prototype designed for high-end appliance maker Thermador Canada at the Montreal International Design Show. The experience developed from 360-degree stereoscopic and 3D technology is a first in Quebec in the retail industry.

“We got on board 200% with Thermador Canada for this adventure,” said Damien Lefebvre, Co-president of w.illi.am/. “Few brands have made this move, and none have in Canada. Our customer had the vision to take on this challenge with us. This approach to getting consumers to interact with the appliance at the shopping stage is fantastic for winning over future buyers. Virtual reality is a perfect fit with the DNA of the Thermador brand and products because of its innovative character.”

Lasting two minutes each, the three virtual reality videos feature chefs Daren Bergeron and Nico Lacino offering a cooking demonstration. They present three flagship products from the Thermador brand: the Freedom gas induction cooktop, the Pro Grand steam range with grill and the Professional series steam oven. It is a total immersion for the spectator who is plunged into a new dimension, thanks to Zeiss VR One glasses.

The prototype will also be presented at the Canadian Furniture Show in Toronto in June and partner retailers will offer customers a chance to try the experience in store.

“It was a pleasure to work closely with w.illi.am/ on this technology project,” said Patrick Henir, Regional Director of Marketing for BSH Home Appliances Ltd. “The Thermador brand is characterized by a desire to innovate and offer a cooking experience that is beyond what people normally expect. So it was completely natural to offer customers dynamic demonstrations that would show them the unique features of the Thermador brand


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